Here You Go, Joseph

I’ve been tapped by Joseph Duemer
of Reading and Writing to reveal if I had any images of famous people in my studio, study, office, or workspace. And since I’m in the mood for an easy blog entry today, I decided to participate in this meme.

I’m fascinated by the fact he has Janis Joplin, Jackson Pollock and Ho Chi Minh in his space. Unfortunately, I can’t compete with that. I’m afraid if I had any images of anyone other than family in my space, it still wouldn’t be as interesting, or as revealing, as that combination.

I can’t remember ever having a picture of someone I admired up on my walls, perhaps because I’ve never been much into “heroes.?

The only images in my den are of my children and grandchildren. My walls are covered with pictures of crows, a picture of a boatman on an alpine lake in china, a wood carving from Thailand, a large clay abstract, two handmade kaleidoscopes, a caricature of “Webby Gone Hiking“ given to me by a student upon my retirement, a beer mug from the 2nd Battalion 34th Armor Division, the unit I went to Vietnam with, and various carvings of my own.

Oh, yeah, and bookshelves covered with CD’s and books.

I’m looking forward to seeing if other members on his list have images of famous people in their areas.

And if you happen to be looking for an easy meme for a Friday entry, I’d been interested in seeing if other bloggers I read regularly have images of famous people in their work space:
, alan, harry, and rb

UPDATE: Harry, kenju and I may have failed this meme miserably, but rb of such stuff more than makes up for all of our failures. I’m not sure I want to know just how conventionally drab my workspace is.