A Small Price to Pay

It’s been a beautiful week so far here in the Pacific Northwest, though we’re being hit by our coldest spell of the winter, down in the 20’s at night with highs in the 30’s for the next few days. Perhaps the weather’s trying to prepare me for next week’s trip to Colorado, where it’s even colder than it is here.

If that’s the price for some sunshine, I’m more than ready to pay it, though I’m not sure the ducks that spend nights outside would agree.

Wednesday was a great day to get out and take bird pictures, even if all of the ducks I saw were all ones I see regularly.

This male Common Goldeneye seemed more than willing to show off for the camera:

I spent nearly a half hour observing this female Red-Breasted Merganser dive again and again near the shore looking for small fish:

My favorite picture was taken on a small lake near the Sound. It’s the first time I’ve seen a male and female Hooded Merganser together. Although not nearly as shy as the Bufflehead that have frustrated me on the same lake for most of the last four months, it was still extremely difficult to get a good picture of the two of them together, particularly a picture that showed off their beautiful hoods.

Of course, it would‘ve been a great day if I hadn’t gotten a single picture, but then I wouldn’t have anything to show you just how beautiful of a day it was.