12 thoughts on “Better than Silence”

  1. When I saw the bird and then heard the birdsong, I felt immensely and indescribably grateful. Thanks, Loren!

  2. I’d guess you don’t have QuickTime on your computer, Ron.

    It’s free and available for both Macs and Winter, but unfortunately not everyone has it installed yet.

    I guess the lack of compatibility is just one of the facts-of-life on the web.

    You’re just going to have to be satisfied with the beautiful bird without the sound.

  3. You are truly becoming a web Master. Did you record the bird yourself? Are movies next?

    I look forward to your future creations.

  4. No, I didn’t record the Song Sparrow, Jon.

    I borrowed part of a song from a CD of bird calls..

    It’ll be awhile before I can afford fancy recording gear.

    Considering how much space that QuickTime sound track took up, don’t be counting on any movies right away, though I might include some more bird sounds.

    I will have to admit, though, I have some aspirations to do some Flash movies. I read several books and got started but could never quite get the time to get beyond the “practice” stage. I would love to do a Flash presentation with music, I have several professional programs to create sound for my iMovies, but, again, the time overhead is prohibitive when all you really want to do is go out walking and take pictures of birds and scenery.

  5. That bird is very like the British hedge-sparrow. I suspect they are related. Excellent photograph Loren, and the birdsong adds a nice touch too.

  6. Even Skye looked around when he first heard the bird, and he usually doesn’t pay any attention to the sounds coming from the computer or the TV.

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