When You Only Have a Minute

Things are probably as hectic here as where you are. Between baking cookies, shopping for presents, and walking the dog, I’ve had precious little time for photo trips or reading poetry.

So when I headed downtown to pick up Lael’s Christmas present, I took my camera with me, intending to stop along the waterfront if I saw any potential pictures.

Seeing several Barrow’s Goldeneye, I decided to stop. Needless to say, they headed offshore as soon as they saw my camera, as did the Bald Eagle that some walkers told me had been perched on a piling for twenty minutes.

I did, however, spot this Giant Blue Heron with the most magnificent plumage I’ve ever seen. Despite the fact that my hard drive, not to mention numerous DVD’s, is full of heron pictures, I spent nearly fifteen minutes taking more pictures.

Though it was hard to take a bad picture, this might be my favorite:

I guess there are worse things in life than being doomed to taking Great Blue Heron photographs.