Husky Volleyball Team Wins National Title

After spending several late nights watching tape-delayed Washington Husky volleyball games in the last few weeks, we finally got to see a live volleyball game today as the number-three-ranked Washington Huskies swept three games from the number-one-ranked Nebraska Cornhuskers.

This was the first time the Huskies have ever won a national volleyball championship, and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer group of girls, a group that seemed to exemplify the best in college sports.

I’ve certainly enjoyed watching the Husky basketball team come alive in the last few years after being mired in mediocrity for far too long, but I think I enjoyed watching this team succeed even more.

It’s always difficult to tell reality from myth when what you see is filtered through the media, but every indication is that these young women have the kind of attitude I’d like to see in all college athletes.

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