A Brief Break in the Clouds

We’ve been having the kind of weather the last few weeks that really makes me wonder if I didn’t make a mistake moving back to the Puget Sound.

Looking at the 7-day forecast you feel luck if there’s even a day that’s just cloudy with occasional rain. And even though it might appear in the 7-day forecast, it’s more than apt to disappear from the forecast a day or two before it actually appears.

I’ve struggled just to get in a half-hour with Skye without getting soaked, much less get in an extended photo walk.

Well, suddenly today about 2:30 the sky miraculously cleared. I grabbed my camera and headed to the nearest beach looking for some new shots.

Unfortunately the beach happened to be directly north of here, and the cliffs above the beach blocked most of what little sunshine there actually was.

I did get a number of pictures of birds I haven’t seen before but all of them were either in the shade or were so far out that even with a 400mm telephoto they had to blown up considerably to get a decent picture.

My favorite of the day would have to be this one of a Red-Breasted Merganser:

though the most common bird of the day were these Common Goldeneyes, another duck I’ve never seen before:

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