Another Step Forward

They finally removed the catheter tube today, three weeks after the original surgery. It’s a real step forward, and has already dramatically reduced the pain/discomfort I felt the last week or so.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t indicate an immediate return to “normal,” or the pre-surgery condition. No details, but apparently it’s unrealistic to expect that everything will suddenly return to “normal.”

The doctor informed me that although he’s happy with the amount of healing I’ve already done that healing will go on for another three weeks and I have to limit my activities accordingly.

Still, it’s a good day and I’m enjoying it. I’m even enjoying the fact that I can now start doing some easy exercises.

3 thoughts on “Another Step Forward”

  1. Glad you’re better as in some improvement and less pain. It’s a slow journey but at least a journey in this direction.

  2. Glad to hear of your progress, Loren.

    Hopefully your recovery will pace the approach of Spring, and you’ll draw additional strength and encouragement from nature’s renewal to add to your own.

  3. Hi Loren –
    Here’s a great interview with Pema Chodrom (acknowledging publicly that she has Chronic Fatigue):
    Turning Toward Pain
    Pema Chdrn discusses her discovery of Buddhism and explains how pain can be a great spiritual teacher.

    There’s a link so you can listen to her talking about ‘those sticky moments’ that we react to. I always grin so much because she always puts her finger on those ‘challenges’ we all face.

    I always find her inspirational and uplifting (and human, realistic, compassionate, calling a spade a spade)

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