Allenmore Nurses

Inspired by Leslie’s thanks for doctors and perhaps by my own indignation at the way some patients treat nurses, I’ll have to say that though I’m grateful for the precise hands of surgeons I’m probably more touched by those who nursed me back to health.

While JJ’s excellent skills and sense of humor struck a similar chord to my own, offering proof that men do have nursing skills and can develop them to a high degree, nursing in our society seems largely left to women.

Women from many different socioeconomic and professional level performed many acts of kindness in full daylight and in the dim recesses of night when hardly anyone notices while nursing me back to health

Though harried by hectic schedules and demanding patients, they offered gentle encouragement and sympathy for the pain I was feeling. It was hard not to get better when everyone around you seems genuinely concerned about you and is dedicated to getting you well.

A young mother suckles her whimpering babe
a nurse wipes oozing blood from a man’s side
both lovingly mothering-forth life itself.