Four Weeks, But Who’s Counting

It was four weeks from today that I had my prostate surgery, so it’s obviously time for a progress report.

Motivated by the awesome weather we’ve been having the last three weeks, I started walking last Sunday with a walk along Puget Sound at the park. I probably walked a little over a mile each day from Sunday through Wednesday. Yesterday I took a different approach and walked a shorter distance up and down the steep hills that lead to the Park. Each walk left me a little more tired than I would have expected.

Since I’m also finding it easier to sit for longer periods of time, I’ve finished reading 250 pages in Deke McClellands Adobe Photoshop CS: one-on-one, currently my favorite Photoshop book, narrowly edging out Adobe Photoshop 5 Studio Techniques, which has been my Photoshop standard for several years now, as you can tell from the title. I’m amazed at how much I’ve learned from Photoshop CS. When you’ve used Photoshop as long as I have, you sometimes get stuck in the past, and reading this book from cover to cover has shown me how much I’ve overlooked in this latest version of Photoshop.

I’ve also managed to read 50 pages of poetry from the postmodern poetry collection, but doing so has reminded me why I had so many problems with undergraduate classes. I really don’t like anthologies that introduce and then proceed to skim over authors, never really giving you a chance to understand what they are trying to say. I guess, I’m really saying that I don’t particularly like anthologies, that I prefer studying individual poets in depth. I found myself at the book store yesterday trying to find book of poems by Levertov, but couldn’t find one.

I’m certainly not back to pre-surgery normal, but it’s amazing how we tend to judge progress from yesterday, or last week, rather than from a month ago.