Two steps forward, one step back

Recovering from a major surgery like a prostatectomy is no easy task, and while Tuesday was a relative delight because I was basking in the comfort of being home, yesterday turned into a torture session.

My catheter tube became blocked and with no way to get out, urine was beginning to come out around the sides of the catheter. By the time the doctor was finally convinced that it was a blockage, it was nearly midnight and I had to go to the emergency room.

Embarrassing yourself by having to hold your penis in public and then screaming in pain in the bathroom while urine spews everywhere is not a scenario I care to repeat, though next time I think I’d scream the F-word rather than just screaming out in rage and pain. At least it sounds more macho than crying out in agony.

After a relatively simple and short procedure, the pain was entirely gone and I went home to a restful night of sleep.

I went into this surgery with a pretty clear idea of what the surgery and recovery entailed, but you never really understand the possible side-effects until you personally endure them.

Well tuned, the body
is source of a thousand delights,
disordered, ten million agonies.

5 thoughts on “Two steps forward, one step back”

  1. Oh, Jesus, Loren!

    I prefer to yell “Shit!” or “Jesus Christ!” Yelling “Fuck” sounds to some like you’re just being nasty. The F word alienates more people, I think. But if it really, really hurts (and I can tell it did), I would use all three curses. And a special combination I’ve always found to have just the right rhythm, “Fuck-shit-piss!” It’s excellent for repetitive groaning with gradual increments of volume.

    I’m sure sorry they miscalculated that. Years ago, I had a similar thing with needing to pee during some foul doctor’s procedure and couldn’t because of the medical apparatus. By the time it was over, I would’ve peed in front of the nurses and in front of the Pope and in front of the innocent children of the world. Apologize later, pee Now!

  2. Personally, I still think the f-word isolated by long periods of silence is most dramatic, Ron.

    And when I’m in that much pain I reallly don’t care who I offend.

  3. Having had multiple cystoscopes back in the 60’s just as I was going through puberty I can totally relate to what you went through Loren. I also had a kidney drainage tube hanging out my back for several months that when lifted too high would knock me out from the pain. It is effing awful and F**k is quite an appropriate response.

    Some day I’ll write about what I did to the ward bully after he figured out how much pain he could cause me and reaming out I got from the Mother Superior (Catholic hospital) 🙂

  4. You’ve been quiet for a few days – concerned you’re not feeling any better. Best wishes, commiserations and looking forward to better news. You’re really having a rotten time

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