Not All Luck is Good Luck

If you’re old enough to remember Al Capp’s character Joe Btfsplk, you might understand how I feel about my luck lately.

On my way to my doctor’s appointment this morning a lady in a pickup ran a red light and slammed into the front of my bright shiny, red pickup and demolished it. Luckily, it didn’t demolish me, just soaked me with a full cup of hot coffee. Since I was on the way to the doctor, I had him look me over and he couldn’t see any harmful effects from the accident or any sign of asthma, either, for that matter.

But let me back up a few days and fill you in on the events that have surrounded me recently. On Saturday while I was working at my daughter’s house there was a loud slamming noise, and we went up the street to discover a nasty auto accident. Later that night we looked out the window to see the paramedics running in and out of the house three doors to the south. Right after I returned from my own previously described adventure at Tacoma Hospital, the paramedics again showed up at a house two doors to the north of my daughter’s house.

Last night friends visiting from New York invited us out to dinner at a delightful restaurant in downtown Portland. In the middle of our dinner the lights suddenly went out, and we heard sirens surrounding us. Emergency lights came back on, but the electricity never did. We were told that there were several fires nearby and that there had been a number of automobile accidents at blackened intersections. We left the restaurant in eerily dark circumstances, though we safely made it home.

Can this all be sheer coincidence?

Was it sheer coincidence that Jonathon has his worst week ever right after he spent so much time helping me set up my new web site?

Or am I, like the unenviable Joe Btfsplk, trailing a cloud of bad luck behind me?

I’m afraid to pick up the new compound, sliding saw I got to work on the back deck lest I should cut off something more important than the wrong piece of wood?

Do I dare climb the roof to blow out the gutters one final time before the winter deluge hits?

I think I’ll just sit here safely at my computer finishing my new site and hoping that a stray lightning bolt doesn’t decide to blow all the electrical circuits in the house.

3 thoughts on “Not All Luck is Good Luck”

  1. Yes, do leave your new saw alone for a while! Hoping your little dark cloud gives up and goes away soon! Glad the accident only hurt your truck, though. Very glad.

  2. Loren, may I suggest that now is not the time for you to contemplate difficult hikes, deep serious and personal talks with your wife, and doing your taxes?

  3. Well, the good news is that Jonathon wrote and said that his bad week had nothing to do with helping me on my page.

    My wife told me the blackout was caused by a possum eating through the wires at a sub-station and not by terrorists intent on interrupting our dinner.

    I am still not planning on any gambliing forays or any dangerous hikes , however.

    Most of all, I’m hoping a little humor will make it all go away so I can go back to living my normal, charmed life.

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