Don’t Miss these Sites

If you happened to drop into the site today, you might have noticed some strange going on’s (how do you spell check a non-word like that?). I’ve been trying to figure out how to drop a new image into the site in place of the ugly headlines up there.

I did manage to get the picture to show up and the headline to disappear, but the picture was shoved half way down the page. I assume that it has something to do with “padding.” I could probably fix it, but I’m afraid that in doing so I might destroy much of what Jonathan did in helping me design my site. I’ve sent an email S.O.S. and am waiting until I get a reply before I try it on my own.

I also downloaded my entire new site in preparation for upgrading to MySQL so that I can have better search capabilities and, hopefully, a better-looking index at the side of the page. I’m not sure whether or not that makes the site unreachable. I was amazed how long the download took considering that I have cable access.

As I can only take so much stress and boredom, I also spent much of the day web browsing, particularly following sites that have linked to me recently. Two of my favorites seem to be professional photographers (that’ll probably make me hesitate even more before I put many more of my own photos on my site.) Jeez, what with Jeff Ward, James Luckett, Jonathon Delacour and Bobbi, it’s already a wonder I don’t have some kind of complex over including photos in my site.

Luckily, though, I’m seeing two grandchildren this weekend, so if the batteries on my digital camera aren’t drained, as usual, I should have some cute baby pictures for Dorothea on Sunday or Monday (that’ll teach her to write so much on her blog and make the rest of us look bad).

Anyway, back to where I was a couple of paragraphs ago, Emese Gaal’s Homepage has some great photographs and some great links (and I don’t mean the one to my page) to photographic sites. I spent a good part of the day there, and I’ll be going back for inspiration. You can even play around like I did and eliminate /emese/index.htm and meet Wade, another interesting person.

I also spent part of the day at, apparently the home page of another professional photographer. Actually I think I found this site many years ago but didn’t know enough skill to navigate it effectively then. If you like my site, you should also like his site.