The Smell of Burnt Rubber

I’ve been spinning my wheels all day trying to upgrade my site to MySQL. I uploaded all the new files from the upgrade (at least I thought I did), and ran the upgrade program. Got a number of simple errors that were relatively easily solved then got the error message: "An error occurred while loading data: Connection error: Access denied for user: ‘br6647r@localhost’ (Using password: YES)" Well, I couldn’t solve that problem. Though there’s finally a reply on the MovableType support forum that says that is not the problem and that I need to check my permissions.

Strangely enough, when I tried to sign back into my site I got the same error message. So, I spent most of the day restoring my site, then being locked out of it. Only when I went back to check all the permissions did I discover that good old GoLive had reset all the permissions on the CGI scripts when uploaded.

I’m not saying that I’m frustrated here, but that smell isn’t really the smell of burnt rubber, it’s the smell of my brain frying as I attempt to solve these problems. I can feel a stubborn streak coming on, and that’s not necessarily a pleasant thought after this weekend.

Here’s a cute picture of Leslie’s grandson Kel for Dorothea, as promised:

Unfortunately, someone else’s grandson decided to be stubborn and was unwilling to wear his costume to Zoo Boo. At least he graciously declined, with "No thank you, please" when asked if he wanted to put on his costume. Despite the fact that Nana carried his costume throughout the trip to the zoo, Mr. Gavin declined to wear it. I’m not sure that’s a good sign since I’m babysitting him all next week. Thank goodness stubborness is really a good trait in hiding, right Dorothea?