A Little Housekeeping

As I try to recover from my cold, brought on I’m sure by my use of prednisone and the stress from Tuesday’s auto accident, I continue to move slowly toward finishing my new web site and moving.

Prodded by Riley Dog’s posting that he had moved his site, I updated the web links on my new site. Once I figured out how to do it, I decided to go ahead and add several new links and update a few old ones. Not that I’m nearly done, but my cold-inspired motto at the moment is "everything in moderation."

If you’re a regular visitor, you should probably be over at In a Dark Time (which has, strangely enough, been out most of the day, though other sites from the server are still working). It’s just a matter of time before I’m outta here.

I updated links on that page to include sites I’ve been visiting regularly for quite awhile and added back in some old sites that went dormant for awhile but have started posting regularly again.

I still haven’t given up my attempts to categorize the sites, but for now I simply tried to group them by the way I generally visit them since many of the sites link regularly to each other.

I gave up watching my beloved Huskies on television today fearing that my string of bad luck may be jinxing them, but I noticed on line that they score did not approve appreciably after I quit watching. Oops, maybe I watched too long as they did attempt a 4th quarter comeback.

I’ve run into the strangest problems while transferring old files to my new server. I repeatedly crashed Adobe GoLive while trying to correct past errors, errors that, of course, have been there for months now but I felt I needed to correct if I was going to transfer them.

Despite the hassle, I was happy to discover how much I have managed to learn about HTML coding while working on my pages in the last year.