Odds ‘n Ends

I’ve been sitting here waiting for email confirmation of my domain registration of LorenWebster.net and confirmation that I can start building my new web site at my new ISP. While waiting, I’ve started looking at the instructions for installing MT.

If you don’t hear from me for awhile, you can assume I’m buried under some geek language, lost in my own version of Loren in Wonderland. After blundering my way through Burningbird’s discussion of RDF/RSS I can hardly wait to get started trying to understand the "guts" of how MT feeds information to NetNewsWire Lite, my latest toy, one that, along with OmniGraffle, makes me delighted that I’m an OSX man, even if I’ve been made fun of by the Mac community for objecting to the upgrade price on OS X. (Nope, I still haven’t upgraded and I’m not rushing to. I’m having too much fun spending my money on other toys.)

NetNewsWire, through Kuro5hin.org, helped me find this interesting article by President Jimmy Carter on the fundamental changes "taking place in the historical policies of the United States with regard to human rights, our role in the community of nations and the Middle East peace process — largely without definitive debates."

Perhaps not coincidentally, the virtual web tapped into my pocketbook again today as I mailed off a check to

After having sent off several letters to my government representatives via their web site, I felt obligated to support their efforts by writing a check to them today so that they can continue their efforts to encourage people to get involved in the decisions that their government makes about the environment.

I’m not at all sure that the internet’s ability to keep me "better informed" is entirely a good thing in these troubled times. Sometimes I find it makes me feel obligated to do things I would prefer not to do.

Lately, I seem to want to spend more time solving Baldur’s Gate II, basking in the glory of a scantily clad priestess/warrior who has obviously joined my merry, adventuring band because she’s attracted to my masculine charm and bravado.

Oh yeah, and when I’m not escaping the harsh reality of my limited technical skills and the current discussions on "sexuality" and "sexism" in the blogs, I’m likely to be lost in Catch-22 again so that I can review it for the Banned Book Project.

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