Making Changes

Here’s the way I’m envisioning my new web site. Since I don’t have comments here, I guess I’ll have to assume that it looks okay to you, too. I kind of wish I knew what it meant, too.

I finally got my new address and my account set up so that I can start installing my new MoveableType site. I’ll be doing that today and over the weekend, so I don’t imagine I will be posting here much until Monday. I’ll post a link here when I have something that is working.

The plans right now are to post everything I write in both places until I can figure out how to set up the whole site and transfer the files from here to there.

I’m looking forward to having permalinks, comments enabled, and an automatic way of sorting the files so that I don’t have to move them around manually constantly.

I’m not looking forward to actually installing the program and trying to redisign the site so that it better fits my vision of what I’d like to be saying to people. I’ll just say that I envision multiple blogs so that people who are only interested in my literary opinions won’t have to wade through my feelings on environmental issues, and vice versa, of course.