If You Hear a Strange Sucking Sound

That’s the sound of Loren being sucked into the murky depths of the technoworld. As mentioned before, I’m in the midst of trying to switch to a new web site so that I can include comments (someone must be behind all those hits), establish permanent links to avoid snide remarks in other blogs (of course the blogger who first did that doesn’t appear to be updating his site any more), and generally make it easier to catalogue my entries so that they are more accessible.

Luckily many people have been extremely helpful and would appear to be willing to offer even more help if I were willing to accept it. Jeff Ward steered me through the process of selecting a reasonably priced ISP and acquiring a new name.

Jonathon, the one who publicly urged me to switch to Moveable Type, has been most helpful. When I couldn’t figure out how to switch the columns in the templates provided, he generously volunteered to write the style sheet for my page. What’s up and running so far at In a Dark Time is mostly due to his help, though I rush to assure you that he doesn’t share the blame for numerous elements I’m still messing with.

You see, I tend to be rather stubborn, and, unless I get really stuck, which I’ll admit does seem to be happening more than usual since I started this project, I want to figure out how to do it myself. As a result, of course, I’m way over my head here. It took me nearly two hours to figure out how to change the template to remove the calendar.

I would have thought that adding links to the site would have been done through the Moveable Type interface, but after spending nearly an hour familiarizing myself with the program, I guess you actually have to paste it into the template rather than merely plug it in. Oh Boy. More sucking. I’m not going to spend my days typing “A HREF=”#”>

To make matters even more frustrating, I’m over at Dorthea’s site while taking a break and notice that her links all have the word Fresh attached to the ones that have been recently updated. I wonder how she does that. Big time sucking sound.

Anyhow, yours truly ends up looking for a Mac program and naturally ends up choosing, what else, BBEdit. I’ve tried it before, God I’ve tried it before, but knowing as little as I do about HTML, I’ve always gotten frustrated and trashed the program.

So, I spent much of the morning looking for how to insert “” automatically into my site. It’s there, you just can’t find it by using the help program or anything else that I could find. It turns out it’s under “Glossary” which might make excellent sense if you understand HTML but seemed quite confusing to me.

Looks like I’ll have to add BBEdit to my long list of recent program additions. More sucking on a checking account that’s already nearly run dry.

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