And Not Making Changes

Well, there’s one way to waste a weekend. After installing and uninstalling MoveableType three times and coming up with different error messages each time, I’ve decided that $20 is a reasonable amount to pay to have the program installed. At the way I’m going, that’s going to work out at less than $1 an hour, and even I don’t work that cheaply.

In the last two days, though, I have learned more than I wanted to know about transmitting files and setting permissions. I had to download a new ftp program because Adobe GoLive’s ftp seems to automatically recognize whether a file is text or binary. Apparently I’ve never had a secure site, though, because I could find no way to set permissions in GoLive. It’s nice to know, though, that I’ve now been "$chmod ded" just in case I ever need to give permission for someone to transmit me somewhere.

I’m still unclear why the program won’t run, but I don’t think I’m willing to get a telenet program and start relearning that in order to find out what the correct path is to my db, especially when I’m not even sure I have a db after all these hours of sitting at the screen, hours that could have been better spent finishing Catch-22.

Luckily, I’m sure that I will still have lots more to learn once they’ve installed the progam. After all, I still have to learn how to modify it in order to change colors and make it look the way I want it to. I’m looking forward to that I’ll tell you.

Looking back, though, I must admit I keep thinking that I can find the typo or the misplaced directory that keeps the program from completely installing. I suspect it’s probably a "/" at the end of a line either being there or not being there since I have no idea what it means to have one there or not have one there.

Trying to install the program reminds me a little of those Christmases where the kids received a fabulous unassembled toy from the grandparents and I’d spend the day trying to assemble it while reading directions written by an underpaid foreigner who really didn’t understand English any more than I understood Chinese.

Melly Clismas in September. Loren will have to wait awhile to play with his new toy.