Great Egrets at the Santa Rosa Rookery

I was a little surprised when I didn’t get a single shot of an egret at either the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge or Spring Lake because they are common in both places.  I wasn’t worried about not seeing any, though, because I was sure I would see them at the Santa Rosa Rookery a place I discovered online several years ago.  

Sure enough, we could see them flying in and landing on the top of the Eucalyptus tree  from several blocks away.  

I think the Santa Rosa Rookery is my favorite place to photograph Great Egrets because you can capture different behaviors.

Most of all, it’s a great place to try capture them in flight as they bring in nesting material.

Unfortunately, it’s still awfully challenging getting close up without cutting wings, legs, or, at the very least, feathers as they unexpectedly dive to their nesting site.

What do you think?

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