Ruddy Turnstone in Breeding Colors

There’s no way to convey the thrill of a day at the beach during Spring Migration through a series of still photos.  Leslie suggested you needed a movie camera to capture the flight of thousands of shorebirds back and forth on the beach.  My strongest impression of the day was actually the sound of a thousand wings all beating at the same time as the shorebirds rose up as one.

Sometimes, though,  there’s a brief moment when everything slows down and you focus on a single bird.  That happened when this Ruddy Turnstone in breeding plumage landed right in front of me,

paused just long enough for me to get a profile shot, 

flew a little further out, 

landed, showing it’s beautiful wing-pattern, 

flew out even further,  climbing to the top of the pile

before glancing back to see if I was still paying attention.

I was.  

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