Uncommon flowers at Bloedel

Bloedel Reserve would be well wort the trip if there wasn’t a single exotic plant to be found, but I’ll have to admit that seeing flowers I’ve never seen before adds to the enjoyment of the trip.  In my next life I’ll actually learn the name of all these new species, but for now I just enjoy seeing them for the first time.

After all, a rose by any other name would be just as beautiful.

Personally, I’m only interested in knowing the name of a flower if I’m interested in buying it for my own garden, which is why I captured the name of the orchid used in this beautiful planting.

I would never have guessed that any  kind of orchid could thrive in the Pacific Northwest.

This “trillium” which must be three times as large as our native Trillium.  

I was amazed that Wikipedia actually lists 50 different varieties of Trillium. 

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