My Favorite Place in Santa Rosa

Doug and  Mary introduced me to Spring Lake many years ago, long before I took up birding.  I don’t think I’ve ever returned to Santa Rosa again without visiting it, often more than once.  Now days, the main attraction is the birds, particularly the Acorn Woodpecker

which I never see in Washington.   On this trip I discovered that the acorn is not the woodpecker’s source of food, something I’d never seen before.

Since I haven’t seen a Green Heron for over a year, I was looking hard in all the places where I’ve seen them in the past.  Instead, I had to settle for a female Wood Duck and her nine ducklings, who positively refused to sit for a group portrait

and the largest turtle I’ve ever seen at the lake.

No wonder Lake Ralphine and Spring Lake are beloved, and visited, by so many people.   

What do you think?

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