Arches National Park

We headed for Arches National Park after our last weekend in Broomfield and arrived around 4 P.M, too late to start a tour of the park with the ongoing construction. Luckily, the decision to look for a campground early resulted in a prime spot not too far from the park entrance.

Nothing like waking up in a gorgeous canyon with the Colorado River running next to your camp site.

Though it’s known for it’s beautiful arches, there’s a lot more to the Arches NP than

arches. In fact, one of the first stops features this breath-taking canyon that brings back memories of the John Wayne movies of my childhood.

As attractive as the sweeping vistas are, my camera was also drawn to trees that could easily have been created by a bonsai master.

Leslie commented that the strangely beautiful rocks made her wish that she had taken courses in geology in college.

Luckily, you don’t have to be a geologist to appreciate their beauty.

We were nearly half way through the park before we saw our first arch. It was a bit of a walk, but well worth effort,

especially since the same walk led to a second, if somewhat smaller, arch.

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      1. But tiny by comparison. Yorkshire is dotted with weirdly shaped gritstone outcrops. They were said to have influenced the sculptor, Henry Moore. (Familiar? It suddenly strikes me I’ve no idea how international his reputation is).

        1. Actually, Henry Moore is probably my favorite sculptor of all time, though I haven’t seen too many works except by Rodin.

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