Lost and Found

As I was writing yesterday’s blog entry it occurred to me that I was missing a couple of shots I had taken at Arches NP. I was doubly convinced that I must have taken them when I saw Leslie’s shot of me walking toward the arch with my camera slung over my shoulder. However, being convinced didn’t help me find any such shots. After an extensive search, I concluded I must have somehow deleted them while transferring them from the camera to my laptop to my desktop computer.

Although I wouldn’t be posting all these shots on the web without modern cameras, computers and programs, I find the constant changes that are part and parcel of upgraded technology confusing and irritating. Before I left, I upgraded all the software on my laptop, and several programs were changed.

In the past I’ve stored photos from a trip on the desktop of my laptop because they’re easier to find there at the end of the trip. Apparently the new Mac OS changed the settings on my computer and tried to load all the photos stored on the desktop to iCloud and immediately ran out of room and sent warnings to my iPhone that I had exceeded my limit and they would delete my photos in the next 30 days. Not wanting them deleted and not knowing how many photos hadn’t been uploaded, I downloaded my photos directly to the hard drive. Apparently in the process I duplicated some of them.

It didn’t help that Adobe decided to change Lightroom to Lightroom Classic and introduce a new Lightroom CC that would also store all your photos in the Cloud (and charge you another 10 dollars a month to do so.) Small wonder that ended up with some photos in folders and others left out. With over 2,000 photos the last thing I needed was duplicates.

I resolved that I would spend the morning deleting duplicates and consolidating folders. That’s a lot easier said than done when you’re dealing with several thousand files, and their accompanying sidecar files generated by Lightroom and Photoshop. After several hours, though, I found the lost files that hadn’t been accidentally deleted after all.

I think they’re better than the ones I posted yesterday,

particularly this one with the man standing inside the arch, revealing just how immense the arch is.