Still Stuck in the Past

Our weather has turned wintry again, so I’m inside processing the last of the pictures I took on last week’s sunny day.

I’ll have to admit I overlook the Horned Grebes

until they change to their breeding plumage in Spring. Unlike most birds, they tend to be indifferent to people and, as a result, are nearly as easy to photograph as Great Blue Herons.

This Western Grebe

is much less common, and, when seen, are seldom this close to the marina. Leslie did a good job of spotting this one.

A Sunny Winter Day

If you were to judge from my latest posts you might imagine that the Pacific Northwest has been as sunny and rain-free as California. Fortunately that’s far from the truth. However, I have managed to capture almost all the sunshine we have had because I’m retired. When we woke up to a sunny Tuesday, I suggested we change our plans and drive to Theler and Port Orchard.

With a late sunrise, we actually got there just a little after dawn, and it shows in the photos. The low sunlight nearly blew out the whites in the Great Blue Heron’s head, but the marsh itself is enveloped in darkness.

Hopefully this shot of a GBH in the middle of the Union River reflects sunrise’s beauty.

My favorite shot of the morning, though, was this glowing Least Sandpiper foraging in the shadows.

It’s hard to believe that this shot of Canada Geese flying through the fog was taken a few yards and few minutes after the shot of the Least Sandpiper.

We take weather forecasts with a wait-and-see attitude here in the Pacific Northwest, but there are delightful days even in Winter.