Simply Beautiful

I must admit that I’m no longer awe-struck whenever I see a Snowy Egret because I’ve seen so many over the past years birding in California, Colorado, and Utah, but I still take a picture of every one I see, even if it means merely deleting it when I get home.

This was the first Snowy Egret we saw; it was shyer than the other Egrets we saw, but I’ll have to admit that I love the reflections in the setting nearly as much as I do the egret.


I’m tempted to say that they could be seen anywhere on the refuge, but in most of the pictures they’re wading in water that is one


to four inches deep,


though they occasionally take to deeper water.


Despite its lack of color, this elegant Snowy Egret is simply beautiful.


One thought on “Simply Beautiful”

  1. I absolutely agree, Loren. I photograph the Snowy Egret whenever I have a chance. Such beautiful birds. Love these photos.

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