Great Blue Herons

Almost all the photographers I know go to Big Beef Creek to take pictures of the Bald Eagles. I, too, go there to get pictures of eagles. However, I would still go there to get pictures of the Great Blue Herons if there wasn’t a single eagle around because I prefer heron shots to eagle shots. Perhaps it is all the Asian literature and art I’ve been taking in the last few years, but, whatever the reason, Great Blue Herons seem more elegant — and enigmatic — to me than Bald Eagles.

Herons are remarkably graceful soaring over the water.


Their long legs may make them seem ungainly when about to land,


but as soon as they spread their long wings


they seem to have exquisite balance.

As an experienced fisherman, I can’t help but admire their knowledge of the best places to catch fish and their patience in hunting their prey.


Most of all, though, I admire their beauty.