A Ruffled Western Grebe

With over 150 shots of Western/Clark’s Grebes taken on the two previous visits, I was looking for different birds not more grebes on our last drive through Bear River. However, while scanning for birds this Western Grebe looked different from others I had seen. It was off by itself instead of paired off, and, more importantly, her feathers looked oddly “ruffled.” A closer look quickly revealed why.

This Western Grebe had two rather large chicks on her back,


and though it was too far out to hear, one chick was particularly vocal,


even while its sibling seemed content to doze off.


It wasn’t until I examined the photos on my computer that I even realized that there was a sleepy third sibling.


It wasn’t long before we realized that it was dad that they youngster was calling to.


Dad didn’t appear to have a fish, but he headed directly to the mother and her youngsters and fed one of the chicks.


5 thoughts on “A Ruffled Western Grebe”

  1. Absolutely delightful pics – love this little feathered family! ♡ (Shared, with attribution and link as always, on the FB “fogwalking” group.)

  2. Hi Loren, I just returned from Bear River. You showed remarkable restraint in only taking 150 shots of Grebes — I probably took 1500. I saw at least 50 grebe with chicks, almost all of them Clark’s. I concluded the Clark’s were earlier than the Western’s, but it appears perhaps it was the other way around. One of the more unusual things I saw was a Western Grebe feeding a fish to a Clark’s Grebe chick.

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