Another Foggy Morning at Theler

As I’ve noted before, when they predict sunny days in the Pacific Northwest this time of year, what they really mean is that you’ll be able to see the sun for a change, as in this shot.


After six months of the rainiest Fall-Winter in PNW history, I’m not complaining at all about having to walk in morning fog, even when you’ve just driven through a half hour of sunshine to get where you’re going.

Even my photographer alter ego has gotten used to trying to get the best shots he can no matter what the weather. This small flock of Green-Winged Teal seems to drift in space while walking on water.


This pair of Canada Geese could be confused for our forebears who settled the Plains.


Comparing this shot of a male Tree Swallow with one taken on a sunny day makes me wonder what color blue it really is.


Of course, Nature has it’s own sense of humor so it’s not surprising that the best shot of the afternoon, when the fog had finally cleared, was of a black and white Pigeon Guillemot.


6 thoughts on “Another Foggy Morning at Theler”

  1. Thank you for the impressively beautiful and unforgettable pictures: of the flock and the two geese, just under it. And the mono nNo aware. And A Foggy Winter morning.
    I only wish the two pictures were published by you in larger resolution. Please.
    With best regards,
    Tomasz J Popielicki

        1. It used to be you could just double click and they’d open in a separate window. Now I have to control click and click “open in a new window.” Such is software progress.

  2. This post reminds me of one of the reasons we left the Pacific Northwest. The weather forecast would call for sunshine, and I would be so happy. Then, shortly after sunrise the fog would come in and stay for most of the day. It happened day after day after day. Your photos capture the beauty of that fog, but also the persistence of grey that darkened everything.

  3. Thanks for the pictures, especially of the sun. I’ve been researching the “flat earth”, biblical earth theory and have been thinking of how close the sun really is to us. If you are interested in going “deep in the rabbit hole” check out YouTube channels Captain Obvious, my perspective, Rob Skiba and Jesse Spots on the topic. God bless you : )

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