Portland’s Japanese Garden

It’s hard to believe that it is nearly two weeks ago that Leslie and I visited the Japanese Garden in Portland after having the stitches taken out of my tooth. I’ve been so busy taking pictures while the sun is out I couldn’t find the time to collate and process the HDR shots I took there.

Unfortunately, the Portland Japanese Garden is one of my favorite places in the world. I use to have a yearly pass when I lived in Vancouver. It is “unfortunate” in the sense that I can never capture the sense of awe I get every time I visit the garden. The camera, at least my camera, seems incapable of capturing the sense of space and calm the garden conveys even when bustling with people as it was the day we visited.

Looking at this miniature forest across a waterfall-fed pond, you could be alone in the wilderness


despite the people waiting just around the corner.

Often when you do see other visitors,


they seem to be part of the scene.

The moss-covered stone lantern that dominates this pond appears as ancient as the landscape itself.


The karesansui garden provides a startling contrast to the lush gardens that preceded it,


perhaps because it provides a space to reflect on all you’ve seen.


The pavilion near the end of the garden brings both elements of the garden together.