Recapturing the Color

As bad as the fog was at Ft. Flagler, it was still possible to get some good shots of birds with the help of Lightroom, Photoshop and On1 Photo 10. I shoot everything in RAW and it’s capable of capturing images better than the human eye so that you can recapture some of the color that’s lost in the fog.

This is definitely the closest I’ve ever gotten to a Black-Bellied Plover and though the feathers aren’t as sharp as I’d prefer, I really like this shot.


It’s hard to believe this shot of a California or Western Gull wasn’t shot in full sunshine.


I also got as close to a small flock of Turnstones as I’ve ever gotten, and they seemed less concerned with me than most times. I particularly liked this shot of a Turnstone bathing,


while this shot of one examining the barnacles seems the most Turnstone-like.


Despite the fact that the camera wouldn’t focus on the small flocks of Sanderlings, I like this shot of a Sanderling with a white feather in its beak.


Although I’m not fond of photographs that have increased “saturation” and “clarity,” I’m glad to have the ability to capture the “true” colors of birds when lighting is less than ideal.