Wren Fascination

On a recent trip to Theler Wetlands in Belfair I pointed out to Leslie the area where I’d gotten so many good pictures of a Marsh Wren last year. We waited a little while to see if we could find him and, sure enough, he finally came out.


I got a couple of nice poses and moved on to see if I could get a shot of the Tree Swallows posing on the railing. Leslie stayed behind watching the wren, and when I got back she pointed out the wren’s nest.


By then the Wren had obviously decided we were too old and slow to pose any threat and was going about his business of finishing the nest by lining it with fluff.


Naturally I couldn’t resist trying to get even more pictures on my next trip to Theler. On this visit, the wren was no longer rushing back and forth building a nest. Instead, he was perched on the tallest reed advertising for a mate in a classic Marsh Wren pose.


Though he didn’t seem intimidated by my presence, at first, it soon became clear he thought I was the reason he couldn’t attract a mate and that I was cramping his style.

I don’t understand wren well enough to know exactly what this pose means but I could venture a guess.


3 thoughts on “Wren Fascination”

  1. Loren, I think he was mooning you. ^_^
    (Wonderful pics, as always!)

    1. Yeah, I thought of titling the entry “Kiss my ass!” but remembered I’d taught high school for 30 years.

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