Mt. Rainier

Right after the grandkids went home, Leslie’s friend Mary from Boston spent a week with us. Without the chickens to feed and dogs to care for, we managed to get out more than we did the previous two weeks, though I still didn’t get back to the gym.

For me, the highlight of the week was the day trip around Mt. Rainier, and, although it was barely July, it turned out to be the ideal time to visit the mountain. Our Summer of Sun continued in full force, and not only was Mt. Rainier beautiful from the north side


but I think this is the best view I’ve ever gotten of Mt Adams from the north side.


Usually it’s blocked by haze or clouds.

Although the north side isn’t as well known for its flowers as the south entrance, the flowers were in full bloom. My favorites were the Indian Paintbrush,


which could be found in a variety of striking colors.


Though not as bright as the Indian Paintbrush, purple and white Lupine still dominated the landscape.


If you could take your eyes off the towering mountain long enough, you could see not only the flowers but butterflies and insects everywhere.


Despite the crowds, you almost felt like you were experiencing Nature directly.

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  1. What a stunning blue-sky day you had. Quite beautiful. I love the colors on Mt. Adams. Nice to see all those flowers blooming too. What a warm, dry summer it has been there.

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