Birding Locally

Getaways are fabulous and I feel “cheated” when I can’t get away often enough, but “home” is still the foundation of our lives and provides a sense of time and continuity that vacations will never provide.

Watching these young geese grow up over the year has been a treat,


though it’s already hard to distinguish the “babies” from the adults. Not sure how long Canada Geese live, but I do know that they grow to full size in less than a year.

I’ve glanced a lot of “babies” as I’ve walked Theler this summer, but few of them ever emerge like this “thrush” did, probably for good reason.


Spotting this juvenile Red-Breasted Sapsucker


was a treat, only the second I’ve seen in my seven years of birding.

On days when birds seem too busy feeding youngsters to make a public appearance, I manage to entertain myself by gazing skyward,


reveling in summer sunshine.