Cedar Waxwings at Theler

Although birding definitely slows down mid-summer, I still make an effort to get to Theler once a week. I took Lael there the week she and Gavin stayed with us; I took Mary there the week she stayed with us; I took Dawn and Lael there before their trip to Colorado. I’ve gone at least once a week ever since they all left, too. It may not be “home,” but it feels a lot like home.

Though some of my favorite birds won’t be back until Fall, or even Winter, there’s something special about the birds that nest here. One of my favorites is the Cedar Waxwing, which show up relatively early, hanging out in the tallest trees catching insects.


If there are no tall trees around, they hang out in the tops of the smaller trees making it easier to photograph them.


If you catch them while they’re gathering material for a nest, apparently they will pose until you leave so you can’t locate their nearby nest.


Occasionally they will sit on a nearby branch so close that you have to take a step backward to fit them in the frame,


revealing just how beautiful they are, despite a Trump-like comb-over.