Too Much of a Good Thing

I had anticipated a return to Big Beef Creek for almost a year since I loved the Bald Eagle and Great Blue Heron shots I got there last year. In fact, one of the reasons I hurried back from my trip to Bear River, Malheur and Tule was so that I could get to Big Beef Creek before Gavin and Lael stayed with us while Dawn and Rich went on a trip to Mexico.

Needless to say, like this Great Blue Heron


I was at Big Beef Creek long before the high tide receded and the sculpins were stranded.

It wasn’t long, though, before even more Great Blue Herons arrived,


perched in the tallest firs before deciding where to stake out their fishing claim.
With Great Blue Herons lining the point and more arriving all the time


it looked like it was going to be a great day for photographs.

That seemed to be confirmed when this Bald Eagle flew over


apparently checking to see if any of the herons had made a catch that it could poach.

It turned out to be two days of great shooting. In fact, the number of good shots I got were overwhelming, especially since I hadn’t yet had time to process all the shots I’d taken on my week-long outing.

I still haven’t had time to process them all; it’s taking a lot longer than usual to decide which shots to work on and which to delete. I’m even having trouble deciding how to present them — which is why I decided to start this way, though these shots will probably be deleted in the next day or two.

One thought on “Too Much of a Good Thing”

  1. Eagles and herons! These photos make me miss the beautiful wild Pacific Northwest. It’s been years since I’ve seen an eagle, and thankfully your photos are as close to seeing them with my own eyes as it gets! Stunning.

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