Malheur Swans

Though I’m not sure if the results justify it or not, I spent more time and effort getting these shots of a swan family than any of my other shots. When I first spotted the family, they were on the other side of the pond, too far to get a really good shot with my 400mm lens.


So I hiked around the lake, only to discover in the meantime that the swans had moved to the opposite of the lake next to the road where I had started. So I spent nearly an hour wading through the wetlands when all I had to do was stay put.

Not complaining, though, since this is the first time I’ve ever managed to get a shot of swans with cygnet. In this shot the parent (with the dirty neck) was pulling up roots and feeding them to its offspring.


Photographically speaking, I wish one of the adults didn’t have that ugly green band around its neck,


and it would have been nice if the sun hadn’t been directly behind them the whole time, but this family portrait is better than most group shots I’ve managed to get of all my grandchildren at one time.


If you can’t get shots of American Avocet chicks, I guess the next best thing is to get shots of Swan cygnet.

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