One, or Two, Thing(s) More

After the visitor pointed out the Great Horned Owl chicks to me, I started examining the area to see what else I could find on the wall. Turned out to be a lot more than I would have imagined. I quickly spotted several Cliff Swallows and followed them as they flew up to their nests.


It seemed that this colony was still adding nests,


and you didn’t have to scour the wall too hard to find other swallow nests.


Nor did you have to look very hard to see where birds had relieved themselves, and if you looked long enough you could see chicks on some of these.


I’m not enough of an expert to positively identify these, but there were Red-Tailed Hawks flying overhead several times.


I couldn’t have asked for a better ending to my week-long excursion, so I decided to start home rather than spending another night camping out.

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  1. That cliff wall is so full of life! It’s truly wonderful to see how the birds take advantage of these great hiding spots. What a grand sight. Thank you!

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