Babies Everywhere

I was certainly disappointed when I didn’t see any avocet chicks at Bear River, but I saw a lot of other chicks like the Clark’s Grebe chicks I featured on my last blog entry. I also saw numerous Canada Goose Gosling of all ages


and sizes.


One of the biggest treats, though, was this sighting of a Curlew.


At first sighting I wondered what kind of birds all those small birds around the Curlew were. Then I realized they were actually very large Curlew chicks, the first I have ever seen.


The biggest sighting, though, was a day later hundreds of miles away when I spotted two swans with their cygnet. I’ll have to admit that one of my long-term birding goals is to see more of the birds I see wintering in Puget Sound in their breeding habitat. Bear River was a great place to start and one I’ll return to often in the future.