Crossing Nevada

As much as I loved visiting Bear River refuge in Utah, I can’t say the same for the drive there through Idaho and the drive back to Malheur. As I drove endless miles across northeast Nevada with nothing in sight it occurred to me that if I was a True Christian I would want to spend my entire life in Nevada, knowing that when my life ended that having already served my time in Purgatory I would go directly to Heaven.

Truthfully, even the beautiful skies could not deaden the monotony of the landscape.


I pulled over three times crossing the entire state. The first time was to snap these shots of antelope beside the road looking at me


until I stopped and they took off at a gallop.


A little later I made a “rest stop” at a turn out beside the road because I hadn’t seen any other place to stop in over a hundred miles. I was rewarded with a birding “first,” these “common” Horned Larks


that seemed to have been attracted to the cow pies along the parking area.


It was a nice find, but certainly not one I would have driven nearly ten hours to get.

My third stop was to fill up my gas tank.

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