Malheur Ducks

With the lake about a third of its normal size, there weren’t a lot of ducks at Malheur on this trip, but there were still a variety of ducks offering good photographic opportunities if you were patient enough — a quality I’m not particularly noted for.

I was actually a little surprised to find so many Northern Shovelers there since they’re a wetlands bird, but there were as many of them as any other kind of duck and I like both this shot


and this shot,


though I definitely prefer the action shot.

I was definitely looking for Ruddy Ducks since I seldom see them in the Puget Sound area and because I’d gotten some of my best shots ever at Malheur. There were several in these wetlands as I pulled up, but I only managed a shot of this one


before they all disappeared into the reeds.

I saw a lot more Cinnamon Teal on this trip than I’ve seen in the past, but they always insisted on silently disappearing into the reeds where it was impossible to get a clear shot of them.


This shot of a pair of Northern Pintails bursting out of the water as I drove down the road was my favorite duck shot of the trip, though.