A Foggy, Fall Morning

I’ve been so focused on special places lately that I’ve neglected almost all my local walks, though I’ve walked Belfair at least once a week except for the week I was in Nevada and California. It’s great exercise and even when the birding isn’t great it’s a pleasant walk that keeps me in touch with nature, in touch with the seasons.

On one of my recent walks the blackberries and shrubs were covered in spider webs


bedewed by fog, a sure sign of Fall. You’re not likely to capture an award-winning wildlife shot in heavy fog, but few things are more enjoyable than a quiet walk in the fog.

Unless, of course, it’s fishing in the fog, listening to distant foghorns.


I’m never quite sure whether it’s drought or Fall that causes leaves to lose their leaves and fall, but with all the rain we’ve had lately we can probably assume it’s the loss of light and cooler temperatures brought on by Fall that brought these changes.


Although I’ve raised blackberries throughout much of my life, I’ve can’t remember ever seeing leaves with these striking colors



If they’d been my blackberries, I would have picked off the dried-up leaves and got a closeup of one of those brilliant leaf clusters.

Although most of the bird pictures I took this morning were so far away that they looked like the Great Blue Heron shot, sometimes the fog helps to actually get closer to birds than you otherwise can. This Sharp-Shinned Hawk


landed in branches a few feet away from me, something I doubt it would have done on a clear day.

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