Great Blue Heron

If you’re lucky on a foggy day — and you stall long enough — you often get well-lit shots once the fog has cleared. Look at the difference between this shot and the shot on the previous entry.


Although I don’t think I like this shot as well as the previous shot, it would probably come closer to what most people would consider a good shot.

Early Morning Greeter

When we shifted back to Standard Time, I found myself waking up while it was still dark, unable to fall back to sleep. While that’s not totally desirable, it did have at least one positive effect: I got to Theler Wetlands just as it was starting to turn light.

Of course, that’s not ideal for photography, especially when it’s foggy, but you are more apt to see birds closer. This Great Blue Heron was in the small pond at the beginning of the trail and greeted me with an annoyed squawk.

Coincidentally, I’ve been looking for photos that would work well for photo encaustic treatment, and this looks like an ideal candidate.