4 thoughts on “Dandelion”

    1. You have to do something when you’re not on the road.

      I really do like Perfect Photo Suite 8 a lot, though. It has kind of re-inspired me to try some different approaches.

  1. There is exquisite beauty in a dandelion clock isn’t there Loren?
    With regard to your comment on the Gypsy caravans on my blog – I don’t think anyone lives in them these days – they are just brought out for special occasions. Some of the travelling people do live in large mobile homes, but many also live in houses. I visited an Amish community once when I was in the US – yes, I can see some similarity.

    1. Thanks for the clarification, Pat. The pictures did remind me of scenes out of a Thomas Hardy novel, though. If it wasn’t for BBC dramas I’d probably still see England through Hardy’s novels.

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