Hope These Were Worth the Effort

Besides simply not wanting to lose a whole day’s shoot, there were some specific shots that I wanted to recover when I spent a whole day recovering photos I had accidentally deleted. The ones that stood out were the shots that I’d managed to get of the Black-Bellied Plovers on my first day.

Black-Bellied Plovers, particularly when they’re in breeding colors, are notoriously shy. Unlike most shorebirds they don’t probe in the sand, head-down while eating. Instead, they rush from spot to spot, looking for food. In a sense, they’re never preoccupied with eating like most other shorebirds.

This one, though, almost seemed curious. Although it kept his distance, it stared at me for a long time and cocked his head whenever the camera shutter clicked.

Black-Bellied Plover

It stayed relatively close for quite a while so it was possible to several shots from different angles,

Black-Bellied Plover

and even get a shot of it with another Black-Bellied Plover that wasn’t yet in breeding colors.

Black-Bellied Plovers

Though I didn’t specifically remember these shots

Dunlin and Sandpipers

I was glad that I didn’t lose them as they’re quite different from anything I’ve ever managed to get at Bottle Beach. I’ve never seen this grass there before, and have certainly never had the chance to get a shot of Dunlins and Western Sandpipers taking shelter from the wind there.

Dunlin and Sandpipers

I really liked this shot, though it really demands more than 620 pixels of width.