Pt. Defiance Rose and Rhododendron Gardens

My recent trip to the Pt Defiance Rose Garden yielded a single, raggedy pink rose, but the Iris garden across the street had some awfully showy flowers to compensate for the lack of roses.

Though purple’s not really a favorite color, I did like this Purple and White beauty

purple and white Iris

as well as this gold one.

Yellow Iris

If you’re not already overexposed to the gorgeous rhodies that adorn Tacoma, the most beautiful place to go this time of year is, in my opinion, the Rhododendron Garden where most of the rhodies

Pink Rhododendron

and some of the azaleas have started to bloom, too.


It’s hard to ever be disappointed in a visit to Pt Defiance park, at least on a weekday when you don’t have to fight traffic. It’s hard to imagine a more relaxing, beautiful two hours than those spent at the park.