Theler’s Wild Roses in Full Bloom

With all our recent sunshine and heat, Theler’s wild roses were in full bloom on my last trip there, though I was surprised that many buds were just opening,

Rose Bud

while others had already outdone themselves.

wild rose

Some were just opening, retaining the deep red seen in the budding stage,

wild rose

while others were completely open, beginning their fade to white.

wild rose

Although I’m not particularly fond of roses and haven’t had a one in my garden for over twenty years, wild roses at this stage strike me as the archetypal flower,

wild rose

holding on to that beautiful symmetry even as the passionate red bud fades to barely pink.

wild rose

5 thoughts on “Theler’s Wild Roses in Full Bloom”

  1. There isn’t a cultivated rose to touch these is there Loren? They are so beautiful.

    1. Best of all, they seem to thrive with human neglect. No, there isn’t a cultivated rose that I love as much.

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