Spring’s Heralds

It’s often difficult to distinguish Winter drizzle from Spring showers here in the Pacific Northwest, so we rely on flowers to tell us when Spring has arrived. Judging from their popularity I imagine many Northwesterners, myself included, believe daffodils are the best herald of Spring.

After all, nearby Puyallup holds a Daffodil Parade every Spring. Daffodils have been naturalized in so many areas that even my generation assumes that they’re natives, but a little research proves otherwise.


Since it’s possible to see non-native flowers in people’s yards nearly year round here in the mild Pacific Northwest, the best indicators of Spring’s true arrival continue to be native species like the venerable Skunk Cabbage

 Skunk Cabbage

which is now in full bloom nearly everywhere.

I’ve even seen a few Trillium at Belfair, a favorite native herald of Spring,


though they often don’t last through the heavy rain storms we’re still experiencing.

Even a few Salmonberry have begun to join in on the Spring celebration.


How could I do otherwise?