Ev’rything is Satisfactch’l

It’s easy to get excited at the sight of a flock of rarely-seen Sand Hill Cranes flying overhead, but if you’re going to enjoy birding on a regular basis you need to continue to find beauty and joy in seeing the everyday residents of the wetlands and woodlands.

You need to spend fifteen minutes watching a Great Blue Heron stalking his prey,

Great Blue Heron

knowing full well you already have 250+ shots residing on your hard drive at home and that, more than likely, you’ll end up deleting these images shortly after you get home.

You still have to be thrilled upon hearing the male Red-wing Blackbird’s brilliant conk-la-ree,

 male Red-wing Blackbird

charmed by the female Red-Wing Blackbird’s quieter charms,

female Red-Wing Blackbird

or fascinated by her efforts to gather nesting materials.

female Red-Wing Blackbird

It doesn’t hurt if you still can manage to love the iridescent-green head of the all-too-common Mallard.

male Mallard

When you’re able to do that, any sunny Spring day becomes a Zip de Doo Dah kinda day (and life doesn’t get much better than that).