Mary Hill Museum

There was a lot to like about this weekend’s test run on the camper, but the highlight of the trip might have been this view of Mt. Hood from Hill’s Stonehenge Memorial.

Mt Hood from Stonehenge

Nothing like a brisk, sunny morning to lift your spirits.

We followed our early-morning visit to Stonehenge to the Mary Hill Museum, arriving nearly 45 minutes before it opened, which turned out nicely because we got see a lot of birds, like these California quail,

California quail

which disappeared as soon as visitors began to show up.

It’s easy to see why Sam Hill chose to build his mansion here where it had gorgeous views of not only Mt. Hood but unparalleled views of the Columbia Gorge itself.


Of course people generally come here because of the artwork, not the views. There’s a nice combination of outdoor exhibits like this lovely Great Blue Heron,

Great Blue Heron Sculpture

this wind-blown sculpture,

Wind-Blown Tree Sculpture

and indoor exhibits like this classic nude sculpture

Classic Nude

and this modern salmon print.

Salmon Print

We ended up spending way more time at the museum than I had originally planned, but both of us thoroughly enjoyed the visit.